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Aftercare / After-School Program of Florida Martial Arts and Fitness Center

Enroll your child in our elite "Kids After-School Karate & Character Development Program to unlock all the potential that's within them. We'll provide more than just care and academic support. Studies show that children in martial art programs have improved confidence, discipline, grades and the life skills necessary to succeed. Florida Martial Arts and Fitness Center's well-rounded program produces well-rounded children who succeed in and out of the classroom.

Florida Martial Arts and Fitness Center provides:

  • After-school care from Monday – Friday
  • Pickup from most local schools
  • Action-packed karate classes
  • Prevention training against bullies and abduction
  • Developing character
  • Space for homework and
  • Our “Fun Fridays” packed with special activities

Today, many parents are on a budget. By enrolling in Florida Martial Arts and Fitness Center, you'll receive two services for the price of one – after-school care and karate classes.

Call 352-237-1332 today to find out why we are the BEST choice!

This influential program begins the first day of the school year each fall and continues to the last day of the school year in the spring. Our Afterschool Program runs until 6pm Monday-Friday. Plus, we are open on days that school is closed with the exception of major holidays.

Why Pick Aftercare / After-School Program at Florida Martial Arts and Fitness Center?

If you're searching for karate classes that are designed to be fun and motivating, then you’re at the right place. Our main purpose is to encourage your child to become an exceptional martial artist while also developing their character with life skills education. This is a martial arts program geared towards getting students motivated and excited about learning in all areas of life. It also takes place in a positive, nurturing, caring and fun environment at Florida Martial Arts and Fitness Center where every child matters.

The "Florida Martial Arts Kids After-School Karate & Character Development Program," unlike many regular after-school programs, includes the cost of karate classes. So not only will your child be cared for, they'll also be physically fit while learning a new skill that will give them confidence. The value you'll have when choosing our program simply can't be beat when you look at the self-defense skills they'll gain as well as life skills they'll always have.

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Kid Safe Workshop
After School Pickup

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