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Learn Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and Self-Confidence -- Skills Every Child Should Know!

At Florida Martial Arts and Fitness Center of Ocala, we see first-hand, every day the incredible changes that martial arts training can bring to children. Not only do kids improve their physical fitness and learn to take care of themselves, they also show crucial emotional changes. They develop maturity, self-confidence, self-respect and self-discipline, all important traits to help them become successful adults.

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Your kids will have fun, never knowing their lives are about to change.

Karate isn't work; kids actually have a great time!. We teach children as young as 4 years old, and we accept students of every experience and skill level. We are committed to your child's success and will help our students achieve their goals. Our lessons follow a logical progression and are action packed, so your child will have no trouble keeping up and having a great time. Our programs alo include special get-togethers such as holiday parties, tournaments, contests and much more to keep your kids engaged and having fun.

Each class we offer at Florida Martial Arts and Fitness Center includes:

  • Stretching to prevent injury and warm up your child's muscles
  • Conditioning to improve overall physical fitness
  • Aerobic and anaerobic workout
  • Practical self-defense skills that really work
  • Training in crucial life skills -- Plenty of fun!

Can you imagine?

Bullying is a huge topic. It's all over the news, often with dire consequences. Your kids probably know who the bullies are at school, may have friends who have been bullied, or may have even experienced bullying themselves. What if you never had to worry about bullies bothering your child ever again? What if your kids had the skills to protect themselves from those who want to hurt them and the self-confidence that makes them a less inviting target?

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Along with bully prevention, martial arts training will help develop your child's sense of respect. Our students at Florida Martial Arts and Fitness Center learn to respect their instructors, their parents and themselves. We teach healthy habits that will stay with your kids for a lifetime. Experiencing that exercise and healthy living can be fun is one of the most powerful gifts you could possibly give your child.

Your child can succeed!

At Florida Martial Arts and Fitness Center we teach to your child's experience and skill level. Our classes are organized so that children are with their peers, both by age group and experience levels. This will help encourage your kids to do their best and eliminate the discomfort of being out of their element. It also improves safety and allows kids to be kids and have plenty of fun and make friends with other children their own age.

At Florida Martial Arts and Fitness Center, we love our staff!

Your kids will love them, too! We have trained our staff of martial arts professionals to be the very best instructors possible. They are passionate about their work and about helping your children reach success and achieve their goals. You can rest easy knowing that our staff are trained to help your child learn safely, using proper techniques to prevent injury.

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This is the time!

Call us today at 352-237-1332 to learn more about our program and find the class that is perfect for your child. Tell us what you'd like to see in your child, and we can tell you the steps we will take to help make that goal a reality. Take advantage of our free trial lesson, and come see for yourself what we are all about!

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